Atlantis “Mistress of Ghosts” Apr05


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Atlantis “Mistress of Ghosts”

Mistress of Ghosts is a fluctuating album.  You come across harsh guitar riffs leading to electronic soundscapes flavored with fragile (especially compared to the guitars) vocals to only be hammered with rough guitar riffs all over again.

Among the other reviews of Atlantis on web, they mention Neurosis, Clint Mansell, Portishead and Massive Attack as their influencers. They are certainly not a combination of these bands, they do however have delicate affinities between them.

Getting back to the album, for us the vividness of drums and guitars are the essential elements that would attract listeners. Especially riffs in “She Loves All” and “Mata Hari’s Kiss” are extremely captivating. Arrangement of songs in the album is very much alike to a concert playlist. Songs are not connected to each other yet it is quiet pleasing listening them one after the other.

Also the first song, “White Russians” is an exceptional opener for the album that’ll surely get listeners excited.

“Mistress of Ghosts” might not have high tension throughout the album, however when the tension rises, we are certain that it’ll rise for good and exhilarate the listeners.

One of the down sides of the album is the lack of variety in electronic elements. Listeners come across similar electronic tones and elements in most of the songs. In some songs it even makes you say “Wish this was only guitar, drums and bass”. “Year Zero” album of Nine Inch Nails could be a good reference for this album’s electronic tone.  But we must also note that acoustic instruments were recorded in an exceptional drone album quality.

Mistress of Ghosts is the most delicate and meticulous work of Atlantis who has worked with Oceansize, Caspian and Maybeshewill since 2006. The man behind this project, Gilson Heitinga spent the entire 2010 preparing this album with the cooperation of Magnus Lindberg of Cult of Luna for the album’s mastering. Seeing that Magnus Lindberg has a hand in this project makes it easier to understand why the guitars are so brutal and striking. “White Russians”, “Inhale The Sun”, and “She Loves All” are the favorites of Offprint in Mistress of Ghosts which will be released by Field Records on April 2011.