Waiting for You in the Sun, Whenever you Come

by R5h
Eda struggles to ask Raine the most important question of their lives. Post-canon TOH Raeda fic.
1 / 0 41 / 8.4k /

Call of the Mountain

Rainbow Dash loves her hometown of Griffonstone, but she knows it's in dire need of help. And just maybe, a mysterious call will help her figure out what to do about it.
1 / 0 29 / 38k /
Being a writer, you sure receive some odd letters in the mail. I got one a few weeks ago, written very clumsily on a typewriter.
0 / 0 28 / 1.5k /

Done Bleeding

Queen Xhan tries to find her peace. Tries.
0 / 0 22 / 21k /

The Many Faces of Trixie Lulamoon

Trixie Lulamoon is non-binary, but has yet to come out about it publicly. One magic show has the potential to change all that...
0 / 0 29 / 2.7k /

The Normal One

by R5h
Lotte becomes popular. It goes badly.
2 / 0 17 / 9.1k /

Somewhere Under the Rain

by R5h
The aftermath of King's Tide, from Vee's perspective.
2 / 0 17 / 5.3k /

War With Myself

As Snapdragon continues to struggle with his gender identity, a duel with Rosemary may just be the help he needs to get his head on straight.
1 / 0 39 / 3.5k /

Sasha vs. Ivy

by R5h
Sasha's trying to make amends for her misdeeds as Wartwood's protector, but when Ivy Sundew confronts her, it'll take more than destroying robots to make things right.
2 / 0 33 / 11k /


My entry for Nitro's Animorph AU writing contest.
2 / 0 31 / 4.5k /

The Light Within Us

Be careful what you wish for; you might get exponentially more. Someone really should have warned Thorax what he was getting himself into by wanting friendship so badly.
0 / 0 121 / 90k /

Blue on Black

When the world ends, everything ends. But what if you could save something of yourself for the next world?
1 / 0 25 / 2.5k /

A Lost Little Sponge

In the dark, no one can hear you scream.
1 / 0 28 / 1.9k /

Fake Smiles

Problems are something everyone in Equestria has to deal with, big or small. Some problems have obvious answers, some don't. And sometimes, a pony chooses to deal with their problems on their own, no matter how much help they really want.
1 / 0 21 / 7.4k /

The Meaning of Derp

Derpy has been fired from yet another job, and is at her wit's end. Can Rainbow Dash get through to her in time to save her from herself?
0 / 0 13 / 5.5k /

To Hell and Back

The Cutie Map summons Luna on her first friendship mission, and she'll be going with her girlfriend, Fluttershy. The only hitch is that it seems to be sending them to another world entirely. Some place called... Hell, was it?
1 / 0 27 / 6.6k /

Final Exam, or: The Ballad of Vada IV

Elite Purple takes his final exam to see if he has what it takes to be an Invader. With all that entails.
1 / 0 21 / 23k /

Did We Die?

Angel Wings and Vapor Trail deal with the aftermath of an unexpected storm during routine training.
0 / 0 35 / 1.4k /

In Her Shadow

While on tour with Bitchette, Lightning Dust has to come to terms with her relationship to Rainbow Dash.
1 / 0 18 / 3.4k /

Time for a Conversation

Being forced to do a job or study something is never going to be enjoyable. will a conventional method work out for Flaming Star?
0 / 0 24 / 6.0k /

Selene Embers

An ember of light draws a moth near.
2 / 0 30 / 10k /

Control the Power

Getting used to new comers is always a little hard at first, especially if they have magic!
0 / 0 27 / 7.7k /

Helpless to Help

Not all is what it seems in Gryphoniya.
2 / 0 18 / 16k /

Menace to Propriety

As part of their joint effort to grow closer, come together as a family, and comply with their therapist, Diamond can choose a new pet. Any pet at all. (Terms and conditions may apply.)
1 / 0 14 / 47k /