Sasha vs. Ivy

by R5h
51 / 11k


"She despises me. She said she'd never forgive me. It’s like she’s the only one who hasn’t come around.”
Grime chuckled. “Well, you know what to do about that. You’re Sasha Waybright! You can make anyone like you.”
“I don’t want to make her like me. I just want to make this right.”

Sasha's been working for weeks now to make amends as Wartwood's new protector, and to her surprise, she's succeeding. She's earned the acceptance and even friendship of all of the townsfolk... all except for Ivy Sundew, an angry young girl that Sasha sees too much of herself in.

If Sasha wants to make things right with Ivy, she'll have to do more than stab some killer robots: she'll have to be more honest than she's been for a long time.

Set after the Amphibia episode “Turning Point”. Sort of contains a spoiler for Froggy Little Christmas, the most recent episode at this time (Feb 5 2022).

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null but not void

Great job on this! (full disclosure, I was a prereader)

Putting aside the change to canon that Ivy was fine with Sasha, this feels like it’d fit perfectly into the show. The dialogue and characterizations all feel just right, and you even did good work writing the action. Also, I noticed the gender questioning moments from Sasha >_>

Crack Fic Casey

What a good Original Flavor story! It’s too bad the show is ending this week.