My Own Reality (Draft 2)

by TheMajorTechie
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This story is the first draft of a novel I have been working on for the past two years: an original-fiction adaptation of Pony-Me. The current draft is set to make some major changes and rewrites, and I've wanted to see what people's thoughts are anyway on this thing.

Though this story is marked as complete, I never bothered to finish writing out the ending before beginning on the next draft, as the planned ending was one of the parts that I wanted to rewrite anyway. :P

Rebecca Waterman thought her life was perfectly normal; a stable, steady life in a quiet suburban neighborhood, good friends and schooling... the works.

Lisa Garnet thought it was all so real. The people, the grass, everything--right down to her very identity as Rebecca. With the breaking of a single connection, however, it all comes crashing down, leaving nothing in its wake save for a rather confused girl donning a headset.

Now, the question is... should she return to her blissfully simulated life, or should she turn away, and dig up a buried past she'd once run away from?

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