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Transcendental Sequence

by GMBlackjack
72 / 64k


CANCELED. Ideas will be used in another story, but it won’t be a fanfic.

The Sequence contains many worlds within its folds, worlds that had never come in contact... until today.

Transcendental Sequence is a massive multicross story featuring hundreds of franchises. On other sites, it is published as a bunch of smaller stories, but in reality, they’re all one big massive thing. Here, everything is posted in publish order, so it can be enjoyed without scrambling around to find everything.

Art by JumboDS64

Thanks to my various editors/prereaders: Code/GunGoose, Ebony Sable, Shilic, Pink Mann, Mal Masque, Amusementist, and many minor contributors.

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Crack Fic Casey

Wow, this is nuts! I love it!

Crack Fic Casey

Is that fucking BATMAN?