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Wielder of the Orb - MLP Adaptation

by TheMajorTechie
52 / 6.5k


After a grueling journey's worth of interdimensional teleportation, a last-ditch effort was made to escape into the nearest safe haven, which just so happened to be Equestria. Now, a looming darkness threatens the fate of Equestria, and the universe as a whole.

(Archived version of Wielder of the Orb: Of Magic and Ponies on Fimfiction. There was an even earlier script-formatted version of this that existed before, but back in 2015 I didn’t think to save a copy after it got rejected for its script-formattyness.)

holy crap was i awful at writing back in middle school.

Original publish date: ~Aug 18th, 2015. Story was taken down and reposted with all new chapters two months later.

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