The Song of Varn

by Ninjadeadbeard
50 / 17k


Varn the vampire moved to Calamaris a long, long time ago in order to forget his past and find a new future. But his unique skills have come in handy, letting him make friends and contacts in a city that never sleeps. But, after his cover is blown and a massive psychic attack is perpetuated against the city, Varn finds himself trapped in a war between a psychic demon and the biotech corporation that spawned it. As he travels across the Castian Seas, will Varn be able to reconcile the parts of his life trying to tear him apart? Or will he succumb to the monstrous urges he thought long forgotten?

Written for NaNoWriMo. I will upload one chapter per day, the raw unfiltered stuff I manage to knock out for this challenege. I don’t expect this to be spectacular, but hey… feedback is feedback, right? PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS!

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